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Free shipping on orders over $100 within the United States
Discover the Inspiring Tale of My Scarf in a Box Founders

Discover the Inspiring Tale of My Scarf in a Box Founders

My Scarf in a Box™ is a young brand created by young people who want to represent that excellence for which "Made in Italy" is known throughout the world, and tell with their exclusive handcrafted scarves, that set of traditions, craftsmanship and stories related to the land and to the Italian territory. Taking advantage of the local textile industry, the scarves are made one by one with traditional methods. It is an Italian Luxury Brand for handmade special scarves; inspired by Italian landscapes and color, each scarf is unique.
You'll see that the packaging is the backbone of My Scarf in a Box. In order to dignify the scarf and give her "a shape", they decided on a double deluxe packaging, inspired by the world of jewelry and bespoke in Italy. Packaging is created as “ready to gift” product even without the need to be wrapped, and making the phase of "unpacking" a rewarding and satisfying experience.
The packaging for the double layer scarves is composed of a white premium cardboard box with a silver logo impression. Opening it, it is first of all a valuable paper sheet where you can write the recipient's name. Inside a white envelope is a catalog of the collection with the description of the history of each scarf. Finally, the scarf is placed in a white cylindrical “Tombolino”, useful to put the scarf or jewelry. 
Each scarf has a card showing scenery and colors matching the color of the scarf.
Creator, Corrado Manenti says in an interview, “for many, the scarf is only an accessory, for us the scarf is EVERYTHING and we have decided to dedicate ourselves only to that. We have searched and selected in our area the best production companies that would marry our philosophy in the creation of a unique, beautiful object that requires care and time to be made. We didn't have to go far being born in Gallarate, once a place of a great textile tradition not far from Como”.
He continues, “our creations are made up of fine silks blends, printed and dyed with special techniques that give to each color a unique and inimitable iridescence. Proud of our great technical knowledge, we have identified the best combinations of natural and synthetic fibers to ensure the iridescent effect that distinguishes our scarves”.



It would seem easy to make a scarf but in reality, it is the result of a long research, of the best materials, starting from the structure of the fabric and how this, once dyed, absorbs the dye. Like all the great discoveries, it all happened a little by chance, in the laboratory of Liberty Chemicals, where his father, the owner of the company, went periodically to take refuge to find refreshment from the countless phone calls of customers and suppliers. Corrado’s father Alberto is the protagonist of this story: born in 1955, someone who was a visionary, wore his worn-out lab coat, dotted with infinite spots of different colors that between one experiment and the other had ended up on him. He began to select some color powder, take large glass containers and once filled with water he melted the colors gradually heating the temperature. That time the magic happened: when the piece of fabric emerged from the dye and was dried, it immediately noticed its peculiarity.
To enhance the blending effect and the chromatic dynamism of the scarf, they have chosen as a feature the "double faces" using a special technique of stitching. The scarves are sewn one by one in an Italian Tailoring Shop in the nearby of Como. The stitching process of the two different faces is very delicate and requires over an hour of time to create a single scarf.


In each of the collections, they try to establish an emotional bond between the colors and shades of the scarves and tell a story about the beautiful things of Italy and reminds us of a good memory, a scent, a place. MY SCARF IN A BOX created a product with a strong personality, associating each scarf a different theme, on a journey to Italy through the play of light and colors, landscapes and picturesque places such as in a Grand tour of the past. From Sanremo to Siena, passing through the blue sea of Portofino to the colors of the flowers of Capri, a trip on Lake Como, to then leave cradled by a gondola in Venice Lagoon.

I have to add that the shades of colors of these scarves are unbelievably beautiful and elegant.  You will enjoy owning at least one of these scarves, if you can stop yourself from buying more.

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