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Shops From Italy an e-boutique specialized in Italian fashion by real Italian artisans
Thank you for stopping by this page to read about ShopsfromItaly!

ShopsfromItaly is a one-woman owned small business based in Los Angeles, California.
I am the person who finds the suppliers, selects the collections, packages your orders and everything else in between.

During this process, I got to know (and meet in some cases) every one of the producers and designers for my products by name. I test every product before selling them in my online store. You no longer have to wait weeks for that online order from some unknown warehouse in the Far East. All the products are imported to the US and shipped to you!
I have been very specific to find real artists for whom the craftsmanship and high quality have been a treasure for many years. For them, it is not about selling their product, but it is about their passion and love for what they create.  

I started ShopsfromItaly because I wanted to bring fashion and style of Italy to American women.  During my short visits to Italy, I was fascinated with the style and charm of Italian women.  Italian women's fashion is not about wearing designer labels or expensive clothes, it's about being well put together and wearing clothes fitting to their body! 

I was often frustrated by the poorly made products in the US market and if they were higher quality products, they would often be highly priced. We are turned into consumers who buy a lot and spend a little with the wrong idea that even if what I buy is of poor quality or it becomes out of fashion next season, at least I have spent little money on it! 

In this moment in which we find ourselves, the chains of big brands take the upper hand compared to small artisans. ShopsfromItaly is about being “unique” and having a personalized product in your hands, created with passion and love with that extra touch of originality that we cannot recreate by purchasing non-artisan fast fashion products.  

My goal is to offer my customers hand-picked collections of apparel, shoes and accessories that are unique and trendy, yet comfortable without breaking the bank.  A collection that is suitable for women of all ages and a wider range of sizes.

Armineh B.