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Declutter Now: Closet Organizing Tips

Declutter Now: Closet Organizing Tips

The weather and change of season, changes our wardrobe too. Most of us don’t have the space to create the ideal closet where we can store our entire wardrobe without having to worry about the season change. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a closet like this?

To help you get ready for the season change, here are some suggestions on how to organize your wardrobe:

1. Planning

Dedicate a time so you can finish the job in a day or two. This puts us in a position to complete the goal without postponing indefinitely and stressing over it. 

2. Empty Area 
Find an empty area where you will stack all your content; such as surface of the bed, area on the floor, etc.  Cover the area with a clean sheet.

3. Categories
Separate the content by seasons first.  Then start dividing the items, by creating categories: outerwear, knitwear, t-shirts, tops, trousers, etc
4. Cleaning
Once you removed all the content, it's advisable to clean and wipe the entire wardrobe and drawers.

5. Selection

This is one of the most difficult and yet important step. It's hard to get rid of what we have but this step will help you enhance what you like best. Make 3 stacks: Keep, Toss, Maybe.Ask yourself Questions:
1- Does it fit?
2- Does it flatter my figure?
3- Is it in good condition?
4- Have I worn it recently?
5- Is it a classic piece or just trendy and dated?
6- Do I feel confident when I wear it?
7- Does it represent me, where I am or want to be in life?

Don’t spend more than a few minutes on each item; if not sure, wear it to give it a quick try.


6. Organizing

There are different ways to organize your closet; select the best that suits your closet space. For any of these options, you can use a color scale; from lightest to darkest.
1- Organize by season: Put away your Winter clothes in the Spring and your Summer clothes in Fall. This is good option for smaller closet space.
2- Organize by clothing type: This is probably the easiest way to organize. Keep all shirts together, all your pants together, and so on.
3- Separate work and casual: If you have more work clothes than you do casual or vice versa, it might be easier for you to separate your work/office attire from your casual attire.
4- Organize by how often you wear them: Keep the ones you use most often close at hand and avoid using the hidden areas of the closet.

7. Arranging

Decide whether to fold or hang your clothes. You can fold knitwear, denim and t-shirts and hang everything else, but you have to decide according to your space. Avoid folding clothes with very light fabrics that tend to make creases, or hanging sweaters, which in the long run may deform. In the absence of drawers use boxes.

8. Accessories

Usually we tend to buy containers or hangers before starting the reorganization. It is recommended to wait until after organizing step to avoid an unnecessary purchase. It is a good idea to invest in Quality Hangers; not only the hangers last longer but the clothes you hang on them will too. If you can, use wooden hangers for the outer wear and thinner hangers covered in velvet for all the other garments.

9. Perfume

Last but not lease, personalize your closet with natural DIY perfumers. You can use cotton or organza bag and dried lavender flowers to make them. Or, fill the bags with rice and drops of essential oil. Use, natural cedar wood Moth repellent on hangers and areas of folded clothing.

I hope these tips help you in organizing your closet space to showcase your Spring/Summer wardrobe and get more use out of them.

The very last step, consider donating your “Toss” stack if they are in good and wearable condition. There are many organizations happy to accept your donations; homeless shelters, Salvation Army & Goodwill are just a few. For those pieces that may still have some dollar value left in them, you can sell them or give them to friends and family.

Take a "Before" & "After" photo and enjoy your "AFTER" results!



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