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Free shipping on orders over $100 within the United States
Free shipping on orders over $100 within the United States

About Our Brands

AnnaCristy Milano

Mrs. Anna Brambilla, the designer and creative mind of AnnaCristy Milano Brand states: "I was 10 when my mother founded the company. She gave me the incredible passion for fashion and design, and as soon as I could I started to support her in the creation of the collections. Ten years later the company has become mine, but I still continue to transmit all my passion and all my emotions. I design each garment to enhance the shapes of all women, taking care of each detail and supervising all the artisan creations, always carried out in the tailoring within the company". View The Collection


Annaré's mission is to create pieces that are satisfying the woman who wants to wear an original and refined fashion product.  Creativity, passion, experience, and professionalism are the tools they use; hence, their choice to use comfortable stretch jersey fabrics for the creation of T-shirts and dresses with attention to content, manufacturing, fashion, and wearability.  With this logic, they are proud to offer products that were studied and entirely Made in Italy. View The Collection


Bravaa is a startup project introduced to the Italian market in 2019. They produce only in Italy with an all-Italian production.
The brand is created 80% by one designer and 20% by emerging designers chosen by the brand designer designing for women 25 to 55 years old.
Bravaa is currently selling its products all over Italy in multiband shops. Their collection is sold in the United States exclusively by Shops From Italy. View The Collection

Christine Bi

Christine Bi has a young history. It is made up of young people who have the desire and passion to pursue a dream: that of affirming the Christine Bi brand as the new image of Made in Italy in women’s fashion. Christine Bi creator states: "The woman wearing our clothes is a dynamic, successful woman who really wants to have fun. We think of her every day during our work and imagine her dressed with elegance". View The Collection

Cristina Gavioli

The brand Cristina Gavioli is based in Carpi - the heart of one of the most important fashion districts. The mission is the ability to offer a wide range of refined garments suitable for the most exclusive occasions but also characterized by simplicity and refinement, perfectly adaptable to everyday life. Evolution and dynamism have always characterized the path of Cristina Gavioli but femininity, refinement, and elegance are the common denominators that accompany each product and represent, better than any other aspect, our business philosophy, since the time of its creation. View The Collection

Danilo di Lea by Rosellina

Founded in 1958, Rosellina S.A.S. produces artisanal, top-quality ladies’ shoes from their factory in Porto Sant' Elpidio. Despite being a small artisan company, it manages to guarantee a quality product.
Their structure and the high-quality craftsmanship together with their continual search for new fashionable styles, the careful choice of materials, and the accuracy of the product processing distinguish the elegant Rosellina shoe lines. View The Collection


Eliani collections are styled and made by women for women. Eliani doesn't classify women but enhance their very essence and shapes with softness and lightness. Eliani wants to be the expression of skillful Italian craftsmanship tradition made of cohesive and conscious choices in respect of the territory and its workers. The brand makes sustainability a fact of daily life, giving fair value to all parties involved in a manufacturing process and creating everlasting pieces of garments. View The Collection


Enhlè Milano brand was created in Italy in 2017. Enhlè Milano dresses a young, dynamic woman who is ironic, feminine, and never predictable.
For Enhlè Milano, dressing and having garments from the collections means always offering the best of Made in Italy without ever renouncing quality. Continuous research makes it possible to meet the taste of the most demanding fashionistas without ever losing sight of attention to detail and style.
Enhlè is sold in the United States exclusively by Shops From Italy. View The Collection

Marco Cinosi

The brand Marco Cinosi is built on three generations of shoemakers. Only high-quality leather from the most famous national tanneries is used and the footwear masters are professionally trained within the company, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
All shoes are produced and developed in Italy with the sole aim of originality, design, and comfort to guarantee customers absolute quality. View The Collection

Marina Milani

After thirty years of experience in bespoke fashion, combined with a passion for accessories, the MARINA MILANI brand was born. The high quality goes hand in hand with the uniqueness of the models, the refinement of the materials, and the fine finishes.
They make dreams come true, 100% Made in Bologna-Italy, home to Mrs. Marina Milani, high-quality bags, made with love and passion, handcrafted products tailored to the customer's needs. From the choice of materials to the designs, from production to sale, nothing is left to chance, each phase is carefully checked with attention to detail. View The Collection

Marisé Eco-Couture

Inspired by Giulio and Marisa’s teachings, in 2016 Marisé Eco-Couture was born as a young brand, the result of a mixture of tradition and innovation.
All the garments are handcrafted in full respect of natural resources and all the skins, thanks to the use of sustainable fibers which, in addition to being low in environmental impact, have antibacterial, healthy, breathable & Hypoallergenic privileges.
Marisè Eco-Couture's creator says: "We address today’s women...dynamic, determined, informed, but at the same time stylish, casual and fashionable. A multitasking woman, a friend, a lover, a mother, and a self-employed lady reflecting her soul in what she wears". View The Collections

My Scarf in a Box

My Scarf in a Box™ is a young brand created by young people who want to represent that excellence for which "Made in Italy" is known throughout the world, and tell with their exclusive handcrafted scarves, that set of traditions, craftsmanship, and stories related to the land and to the Italian territory.
Taking advantage of the local textile industry, the scarves are made one by one with traditional methods. View The Collection

Olivia Pope Accessory

Olivia Pope Accessory bags combine craftsmanship, design, new technologies, research of materials, and link with the territory. The small artisan workshop was born in Rutigliano, in the heart of Puglia.
Behind the Olivia Pope Accessory bags are the hands, the ideas, and the smile of Ezia Santacroce, entrepreneur, and mother, who designs her bags, trying to preserve the taste for unique things while maintaining the historical memory of her territory. In the Olivia Pope Accessory laboratory, the uniqueness of craftsmanship meets the spirit of “made in Italy” design, where every everyday object becomes artistic, unique, emotional. View The Collection


Oltretempo was founded in 2006 from the need for the availability of styles for women from size 42 to size 54 to make them feel comfortable with their physicality. Over the years, Oltretempo became a staple for curvy Italian women thanks to an increasingly correct and comfortable fit.
The entire production, from the selection of fabrics to manufacturing, is made entirely in Italy.
Oltretempo is sold in the United States exclusively by Shops From Italy. View The Collection

Sara Sabella

Sara Sabella’s "Isola D'Ischia" is an Italian fashion brand aimed to help you discover the island of Ischia, its beauty, colors, and the sea through their clothing.
All the clothes are designed in their atelier in Ischia, which has now become a second home to them; the first being in Milan. The company is based on strong values such as a sense of community, being humble and always striving for excellence. View The Collection


The soul of TailorYourChoiceS, Mary Prete, is the entrepreneur who invented the concept of their products. As a little girl, Mary received a Barbie as a gift and was fascinated by the possibility of transforming it into a thousand others without ever replacing the doll itself, a simple yet magical dynamic.
This is how the TailorYourChoiceS concept was born, the bag that can be transformed into many other bags. TailorYourChoiceS is a bag with a thousand faces, designed by a contemporary woman for contemporary women, in search of maximum functionality but distinguishing herself for style. View The Collection